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android oh android...

Assalamualaikum and best wishes to all who are reading, if there is one... :)

for the past few weeks i've trying to have a peek on android gadget, something like maylong or flytouch. not only plying around with it but rather trying to upgrade or doing some tweaks :P
everything seems very interesting and very amuse with the OS and applications. but this maylong/flytouch use a low processor Wonder Media 8505, so the programs run a little bit lag... never mind that... so then i start googling something more about it. and found the upgrading steps. but as reckless i did, i brick the first one when trying to upgrade to froyo 2.2 with wrong script uuuuu.......... :( luckily i bought 2 of them so i can try to figure how to reflash it back to the previous version.. :) for those who are really android addict or want to know more about android just visit this site: http://tipstir.the-talk.net/ it a site with everything you need to know about android. here you can learn how to upgrade, downgrade or install applications on your android. try it and you will love it :)